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Other Documents That Will Be Required For a Successful 8(a) Application

Here is a typical list of supporting documents that will need to be included within your 8(a) application:

  • Evidence of concerns registration in SAM (System for Award Management) and DSBS(Dynamic Small Business Search) systems

  • Personal federal tax returns for the last three filing years

  • Company federal tax returns for the last three filing years

  • A company balance sheet and income statement no older than 90 days and for the last three completed years

  • Personal resume

  • List of current and past federal and non-federal contracts and invoices within the last two completed fiscal years

  • Letters of reference from current and/or past clients

  • Current certificate of good standing

  • Stock certificates/Stock ledger (Corp)

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Partnership Agreement including any foreign filings

  • Bylaws or Operating Agreements

  • Meeting minutes (Corp and LLC)

  • Buy/Sell or Voting Agreements

  • DBA or Fictitious Business Name Filing

  • Organization chart

  • Business bank signature card

  • business and special licenses

  • Business loan agreements

  • Brief history of the business

  • Lease agreements for business

  • Business insurance

  • Personal financial statement supporting statements (Checking, Savings, IRA w/terms, etc..)

  • Proof of Citizenship

  • Trust Agreements

  • Statement of Bonding Limit

  • Letter of No Objection

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