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Training Workshop

Deep Energy Retrofit 

Typical building energy retrofit requirements are established at minimums of 10 to 20% energy use reductions, which are a “lost opportunity” from the perspective of a typical building life-cycle.  Recent research of executed deep energy retrofit projects have shown that energy reductions can exceed 50%, and renovated buildings can cost effectively achieve the Passive House standard or even approach a net zero energy status. 

This research, carried out by Annex 61, has resulted in the development of guidance to assist in Deep Energy Retrofits. This guidance was developed utilizing case studies and pilot project reports, which cover the technical, business, and practical aspects of Deep Energy Retrofits of buildings.

The Chicago “Business and Technical Aspects of Deep Energy Retrofit of Buildings” training workshop has been designed to train the attendee on the collected guidance and promote a variety of techniques and topics as they relate to executing Deep Energy Retrofit projects. Training will be conducted by international experts and complemented by formal and informal discussions, networking and technical exhibits demonstrating the state-of-the-art technologies and best practices.

This workshop is designed for a wide audience of energy professionals, including: energy managers, engineers, architects, energy performance companies, and industry partners involved in installation-wide energy projects. This event will also be of interest to decision-makers, urban and city planners.

We ask you to mark this date in your agenda and are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.


Training Workshop

Deep Energy Retrofit 




Business and Technical Aspects of

Training Workshop

Deep Energy Retrofit 

Chicago, IL

January 18-20, 2018

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